A Mother-Daughter Dream Project

Lou dreamed up Imagination Yoga while Coco was in her belly.
From here the Mother-Daughter collaboration had begun!
Baby Coco was soon toddling along to classes and pretty much running the show by the age of 3.

Generally, Lou’s role is business director, content creator, head teacher, marketer and knowing usual parameters. Coco’s role is the muse, junior teacher-in-training, being the voice of what her generation wants/needs and how to do things better!

Lou and Coco both have far-out imaginations, love singing, dancing, storytelling and creating worlds, so planning adventures together brings fiery energy but mostly a whole lot of joy and crazy fun.

For the future, Lou and Coco would like to see more kids having the opportunity to come to Imagination Yoga.  They know the dark side of life and that it’s VITAL EVERY CHILD has an education in caring for the greatest treasure ever – their body, mind and imagination!