*Junior Teachers-in-Training*



Would your Child like an out-of-this-world opportunity? Do they love Imagination Yoga?
Or maybe they have a desire to teach or lead the way?
Guess what? Children are teachers too. In fact, they often know more than what we do!



The iY Junior Teacher-in-Training Programme has emerged through the collaborative minds of Lou Buckingham and the amazing collective of iY kids.

Children aged 7 years+ can complete a 2 year traineeship to enable them to teach imagination yoga to their family, friends and classmates.

Becoming a Junior Teacher-in-Training brings a new sense of pride, confidence, responsibility, purpose and empowerment to their practice.

Kids CAN be the change they want to see in the world, starting NOW.

Let’s hear from our current Junior Teachers-in-Training!







“I want to be a Junior iY Teacher so I can have an experience of being a teacher for kids. Getting to teach the kids and learning something new is really enjoyable. I love doing Yoga, it makes me feel calm. Everyone should do yoga because it’s fun and it will help you when you are stressed. It could calm the whole world down and stop wars.”





“I like being a junior teacher because I love supporting other people and people supporting me. I love stretching and I know it’s important to feel good in the stretches. When it’s my turn to lead the group I feel surprised because it feels really great. I am on working on creating a ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ yoga adventure! I am excited to make it and share it with others!”






“I am very excited to be a Junior teacher -in- Training. What I love about iY is the magic, the potions, and the unicorns! I enjoy practicing the yoga dances we do at the start of the lesson and using our imagination to make up cool stories. Lou is very fun and caring. She lets us use our imagination lots. Doing Imagination Yoga helps me feel calmer and more confident.”