One-on-One Sessions


Does your Child need additional support at this time? Or perhaps he/she would benefit from exclusive attention in a personalised iY session?

One-on-one iY sessions can be hugely beneficial in empowering your child, ensuring they feel heard and finding new ways to meet their needs in creative and meaningful ways, and they are heaps of fun too!

The primary focus of a one-on-one session is:

– Introduction to easy, enjoyable yoga and breathing exercises
– A meditation experience
– Art-play/creative exercises
– Therapeutic bodywork (optional)
– Exploring/expressing feelings and emotions
– Connecting and building relationships
– Building on their confidence and self-love and self-belief
– Tailoring a home self-care routine
– A safe and nurturing space

These sessions are 40 minutes long and cost $40. Held in LYTTELTON on Thursdays and Saturdays.

If you have a particular concern to discuss or want to book a One-on-One Session, please, make CONTACT.