Parents Voices





"What I like most about iY is the idea of teaching the children about the importance of take care of themselves, of their feelings. How to get calm when they are feeling anxious or angry. In a very special way, Carlos has been sharing his recently acquired knowledge with all of us. Now my kids ask me if I need a hug when I look upset. (I don't have to say that this simple question is as powerful and magic that automatically melt my bad mood). Isn't it the most wonderful gift we can give to our kids?"
"My kids have always loved attending IY sessions. They love exploring their bodies' capability and playing the fun games. As a parent I appreciate the opportunity that IY provides for cultivating kids' self-awareness and being meditative through profound messages, yoga poses and breathing exercises. These are fundamental qualities to have for becoming a successful human being. iY makes yoga fun and relevant to today's kids. Thank you very much iY".
"We love iY and are so glad we discovered it. This is our girls’ third term now. They look forward to going every week - it’s the one activity I never have to coerce them into attending. Both my girls can be shy and nervous but they are very comfortable with Lou and the class. Even with the class having got much bigger than it was in Term 1. Our oldest girl is the typical perfectionist who spends much time over-thinking things. The combination of imagination, mindfulness and physical activity is great for her. Lou is a wonderful, kind and patient teacher who the kids love and trust."
"Its being such a delightful experience! A class that has take Santi to unimaginable places within, full of wonder, magic, depth and its most precious ingredient... LOVE! Truly grateful! Namaste, dear Lou!"
"My kids absolutely love Imagination Yoga. After their first class, they asked 'Can we do this the whole year?' They always leave the class happy, and enjoy practicing what they learned at home."
"Lou is a magical and engaging children’s yoga teacher. But iY is way more than just yoga: Lou teaches the children how to manage their emotions and gain skills in self care, all the while taking them on a fun and exciting adventure. My kids LOVE Imagination Yoga. And I’ve been known to pick up some great parenting tips while watching!"
"Our daughter Amelia has always had a very busy mind. She has been going to Imagination Yoga for the past year and we have seen increase in her ability to focus. Amelia has also become more aware of her feelings and developed strategies for managing some of her more intense emotions such as breathing, self-talk and visualising; we put a lot of this down to her time at Imagination Yoga. We would highly recommend this."
"Imagination yoga is a wonderful way of supporting the beautiful minds, bodies and souls of our precious children. The girls love the themes and capturing way they become part of the story. We find the meditations and "potions" an amazing tool to use in everyday life - when they get worried or sad, we refer to the "blue sky mind mediation" and "happy-heart meditation" etc. and immediately the girls can relate to it, and use it. Leah (our 8 year old) has made a drawing capturing the lessons, and we all use it. Thank you for this soul-filled way of supporting our children to experience all the beautiful dimensions of life."