AMELIA (5 years old)

“At yoga I like doing zebra and going upside down. We say: When you are Upset go Upside down! It’s so much fun being a dragon or a butterfly and playing games. I like doing relaxation at the end with my daddy.”




CARLOS (6 years old)

“I like making special figures with my body to telling stories. But what I like more about iY are the sounds and the smells. I liked the smell of the Happiness Potion so much that I wanted to drink it all. I like practicing Imagination Breathing at home, before going to bed. It feels so good and my little brother always wants to copy me. That’s funny!”




LEAH (8 years old)

“I like that everyday we do something we didn’t do last time. I like learning things that are new. It’s really nice knowing that everyday you have something else like Blue Sky Mind, Happy Heart and, Silent Star.”




TILLY (9 years old)

“Imagination Yoga is peaceful but exciting!”





OLIVER (8 years old)

“I love the stretching!”





SOPHIA (6 years old)

“I like meditation and I always feel good after yoga”.