Trainee Requirements



– Minimum age: 7 years old
– A love of Imagination Yoga
– Be keen to learn/lead/help others
– 2 years of regular attendance at weekly Imagination Yoga
– 10 minutes of self-guided home yoga/meditation practice a day
– A desire to be healthy, happy, creative, courageous and bring positive energy to the world.


– The student will be assigned mentorship and given guidance/support throughout the training.
Step 1: The student will be given 8 x opportunities to lead a segment of the class.
Step 2: The student will plan and co-teach a 45 minute class to a 45 minute kindergarten children’s group
Step 3: The student will create, plan and teach a complete iY adventure of their choice to their classmates or group of friends.
– At the completion of the 2 years, the student will be given
a Junior Teacher certificate that will enable them to teach family and friends.
– Ongoing guidance and support will be offered.
– Children may choose to further their yoga training or will have the confidence to teach or pursue anything they love!


Annual Admin Fee (Years 1 & 2): $50

Limited Places. Acceptance into the iY Junior Teacher-in-Training Programme is subject to discretion of the iY director and space availability.

If your child meets the requirements, please make CONTACT.


This initiative embodies our belief that CHILDREN ARE TEACHERS and to ‘be the change’ for the flourishing world we all wish to live in.
With the statistics of anxiety and depression on the rise we feel NOW isthe time to empower kids to take full ownership of their wellbeing and their choices.

Our new generation are incredibly sensitive, compassionate, gifted, have an abundance of energy and are calling out for help to understand their place in this challenging world.

It is our great honour to guide and support your child to reach their full potential and set them on a path of confidence, compassion and courage.